It all started when Plantpeddler teamed with a regional plant breeder to trial his new Ageratum variety. It’s big, really big, for an Ageratum which is normally a low-growing border plant. David crossed that with a wild species from Mexico and got a large, flowery, sturdy plant that really attracts butterflies. Therefore, we named it the Monarch Ageratum. It’s awesome to see its vibrant colors in the garden and fun to watch the monarchs dance around it collecting pollen. The plant comes in blue, violet, rose, and white. The Monarch even makes a good cut flower for use in bouquets.

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We’ve done the testing and the technical work to get the qualities we want in the plant. Now we need to get the word out to other growers and the gardening public. We want to feature this plant at the national greenhouse convention, advertise it to growers around the country, and enter it in organized trials so others can see how it performs under their climate conditions. We also want to get garden article writers excited about this new plant and advertise in consumer magazines.

There are big plans and lots of work ahead. But it all costs money, and we will get to our end result faster and more successfully if we win this contest. Please vote for our idea at the link below and spread the word. According to contest rules, a person with a unique network address may vote once per day from September 3 to 23. 2011, and we would appreciate every vote we get.

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