Get out your camera (or your phone) It’s Picture time!!

Posted: April 24, 2023
Grower Success Photo Request 2023 You and your plants may be featured in our grower success ad. Growers, brokers or vendors send us pictures of you with your growers in the greenhouse with plants produced from Plantpeddler. When we use your phot will will send you a subway gift cart to say thank you. Photo deadline is May 12, 2023 to make the first ad. Any questions please call us at 800-827-1654

Spring is here and it’s time to capture some images of your awesome crops!

 As proud suppliers of your Young Plants, we wish to showcase you and your beautiful plants in our upcoming Grower Success Ads.

 Please take some photos of you with your beautiful bloomers, grown from Plantpeddler Young Plants and send them over.

Act fast, the season is just starting, but it will be gone in the blink of eye. Please see the details in the photo.