Poinsettia Variety Day 2019

Posted: December 9, 2019
Up close picture of bright red Poinsettias in the greenhouse on benches.

Plantpeddler, located in Cresco, Iowa, conducted a trial of 157 commercial and pre‐release Poinsettia varieties. Variety Day was hosted on Thursday, December 5, with representatives of all major breeders, broker representatives, and growers in attendance. The trial was produced under natural season commercial production protocol. Mike Gooder, president of Plantpeddler said “We are proud to showcase genetics under northern USA growing conditions. It is important to do a Poinsettia production trial as a way for the industry and our growers to see how varieties perform in real world greenhouse conditions where low temperatures and light levels are common during production.”

Genetics represented were submitted by Beekenkamp, Dummen Orange, Lazzeri, Rinehart Poinsettias, Selecta, Suntory, and Syngenta Flowers. Plantpeddler is licensed by all the represented breeders and prides itself on being a one‐stop shop for premier Poinsettia liners. “We have a real commitment to trialing as part of our leadership position in Poinsettias.” said Mike as to why Plantpeddler conducts their Poinsettia trial. Another commitment of Plantpeddler is to facilitate best practices in the hort industry. To that end a “lunch and learn” presentation on Poinsettia Growing Tips was given by Gary Vollmer which was sponsored this year by Selecta One.

As a true production trial, the tested varieties were grown within a block of benchmark commercial varieties with the same treatments and environmental conditions. This year, the Fall production conditions represented a more typical cycle with average temperatures mid‐September leading into initiation. Due to construction, temperatures may have varied slightly below set point during extreme low temp. nights (sub zero). In mid‐November we experienced moderate temps. with heavy overcast skys for extended periods. Light levels improved from Thanksgiving up to the trial event.

Trial attendees voted using a three flag system for “Best Red Variety” and “Best Non‐Red Variety” with a 3, 2, 1 point scoring. The results are as follows:

Red Variety Top 10

Rank Variety Breeder Color

  1. Mirage Red Syngenta Flowers Red
  2. Robyn Red® Beekenkamp Red
  3. Astro Red® Beekenkamp Red
  4. Tapestry Dummen Orange Red
  5. Christmas Eve Red Selecta Red
  6. Aria™ Red Syngenta Flowers Red
  7. RF503CB Dummen Orange Red
  8. Futura Red ‐ 233 Lazzeri Red
  9. Christmas Beauty™ Red Selecta Red
  10. Draco Red Syngenta Flowers Red

Non‐Red Variety Top 10

Rank Variety Breeder Color

  1. Superba Glitter ‐ 746 Lazzeri Specialty
  2. Alpina ‐ 741 Lazzeri White
  3. Jack Frost Rinehart White
  4. Frozen EK3818SP Dummen Orange White
  5. Pure White Rinehart White
  6. Princettia Queen Pink Suntory Pink
  7. Candy™ Cinnamon Syngenta Flowers Specialty
  8. Christmas Beauty™ Marble Selecta Marble
  9. Golden Glo Dummen Orange White
  10. RF535JIN Dummen Orange Specialty

Plantpeddler extends a sincere thank‐you to all the breeders for help making this trial possible. Mark your calendars now for next year’s Plantpeddler Poinsettia Variety Day trial event on Thursday, December 3, 2020. Plantpeddler’s Variety Day trial event showcasing Annuals and 40th Anniversary celebration is August 6‐8, 2020. Please make plans to attend both events. For more information contact Plantpeddler at (800) 827‐1654 and info@plantpeddler.com.