Senator Chuck Grassley Visits Plantpeddler

Posted: April 14, 2023
Senator Grassley & Gooder Family 2023

Cresco, Iowa, USA. On the beautiful Spring sun-filled afternoon of April 11th, 2023, Plantpeddler hosted U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, for a greenhouse facility tour and Town Hall meeting, which is part of his yearly 99 County Tour. The Senator has made Plantpeddler a regular stop since 1995 and enjoys getting caught-up on the growth at Plantpeddler, and more importantly, the state of the greenhouse industry. After touring the Plantpeddler Young Plant facility, he engaged with the Plantpeddler team to answer questions and discuss current issues on a wide range of topics.

The venue provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the Horticulture industry, and topics important to the health of horticulture. During his visit, Mike Gooder of Plantpeddler discussed the parallels of the greenhouse industry to commodity agriculture and the confinement livestock industry, which Mr. Grassley knows intimately from his own background rooted in Iowa agriculture. The Senator left Plantpeddler with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the important role horticulture plays in the greater agricultural community.

Senator Chuck Grassley was born September 17, 1933, on a farm in Butler County, Iowa, where he continues to farm today. Grassley holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science from the University of Northern Iowa. He married Barbara Speicher, they have five children, and currently farms with son Robin.
Grassley was first elected to the Iowa state legislature in 1958. Iowans sent him to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1974, and in 1980, Grassley was elected to the U.S. Senate. He currently is the longest serving U.S. Iowa senator in history. The Senator is Ranking Member of the Budget & Finance Committee, and serves on the Judiciary, and Agriculture Committees. Senator Grassley holds the record for the longest stretch without missing a vote. His last missed vote was in 1993. He holds Q&A meetings with constituents in each of Iowa’s 99 counties every year since joining the Senate in 1981.
Plantpeddler is a major producer of Young Plants and “Retail Ready” Finished products founded in 1980 by Mike and Rachel Gooder. With their dedicated team, the company partners with the global community of leading breeders to deliver premium products to growers, retailers, and consumers throughout North America.
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