Variety Day 2021

Posted: August 16, 2021

Plantpeddler hosted Variety Day 2021 on Friday August 6; a day focused on delivering on the goal of “Testing the Best in the Midwest”. The event showcased nearly 1,500 varieties of vegetative annuals in large containers, hanging baskets and beds from a global array of breeders. The event saw record attendance of growers, retailers, breeders, and brokers.

Variety Day featured a very special round-table discussion titled “Titans of Horticulture – Sound Off”. Taking the stage at Plantpeddler were four noted leaders of our industry: Mark Schermer – Global Head of Syngenta Flowers, Keith Cable – President Dummen Orange NA, David Daily – CEO/President of BFG, and Chris Beytes – Editor of GrowerTalks and Green Profit. Focus of the discussion revolved around the future of the horticulture industry in the post-COVID era, with far ranging questions from the attendees and in depth insight from the panel. Also presenting was Jim Devereux – CEO of Green Fuse Botanicals, along with demonstrations of technology at Plantpeddler including the ISO sticking robots.

Participants had the opportunity to vote on their top three varieties. The winner this year, SuperCal Premium Sunset Orange, is new a new release for 2022 and program addition to Plantpeddler. It was another great year for Begonias, with eight in the top 25.

Variety Day 2021 Top 25:

Ranking Genus Series Variety Breeder

  1. Petchoa, SuperCal Premium, Sunset Orange, Sakata
  2. Begonia, Hiemalis Vermillion, Red, Beekenkamp
  3. Begonia, I’Conia, Del Sol, Dümmen Orange
  4. Begonia, I’Conia Scentiment, Peachy Keen, Dümmen Orange
  5. Begonia, I’Conia, Lemon Berry, Dümmen Orange
  6. Petunia, Blanket, Silver Surprise, Green Fuse
  7. Petunia, Itsy, White, Syngenta Flowers
  8. Calibrachoa, Chameleon, Frozen ice, Westhoff
  9. Coleus, Stained Glassworks, Royalty, Dümmen Orange
  10. Coleus, Main Street, Bourbon Street, Dümmen Orange
  11. Tie 11 – Rudbeckia, MiniBeckia, Flame, Garden Genetics
  12. Tie 11 – Petunia, Crazytunia, Mayan Sunset, Westhoff
  13. Coleus, Main Street, Orchard Road, Dümmen Orange
  14. Petunia, Cascadias, Pitaya, Danziger
  15. Bracteantha, Granvia, Gold, Suntory
  16. Petunia, Tea, Indigo Vein, Beekenkamp
  17. Begonia, I’Conia Bacio Orange, Dümmen Orange
  18. Tie 18 – Verbena, Lanai, Twister Hot Lips, Syngenta Flowers
  19. Tie 18 – Thunbergia, TowerPower, Red, Westhoff
  20. Tie 20 – Begonia, Hiemalis, Vermillion Hot Pink, Beekenkamp
  21. Tie 20 – Begonia, Solenia, Yellow, Benary
  22. Celosia, Kelos Candela, Pink, Beekenkamp
  23. Calibrachoa, Callie, Purple, Syngenta Flowers
  24. Begonia, I’Conia Upright, Salmon, Dümmen Orange
  25. Impatiens, SunPatiens Vigorous, Lavender Splash, Sakata

The event was made even more enjoyable by the perfect weather, outstanding color in the gardens, with food and networking under the big tent. We greatly appreciate all of the breeders for submitting genetics, all supporting vendor partner sponsors, the team at Plantpeddler for all the efforts and hosting, and especially everyone who attended.

Mark your calendars: Plantpeddler Poinsettia Variety Day on December 2, 2021. Plantpeddler Variety Day 2022 is on August 5. Please make plans to attend both events. For more information and images from this or other Plantpeddler events, please contact us at Thank you.