Breeder & Product Development Trials

Supporting our breeder partners with genetic testing and market introductions, and allied trades in the development of new products, adapting current products, and marketing of technologies.

Partnering with Our Breeders

We have the ultimate respect for our breeders who continually strive for improvements in plant traits elevating garden, home, retail, and greenhouse performance. With breeding occurring on a global basis, proving genetic performance under regional conditions is critical to ensure success of all stakeholders. That is where we come in.

At Plantpeddler, we conduct pre-introduction variety trials, competitive comparison trials, greenhouse and garden performance trials, packaging and logistics trials, and more.

Further, we develop Breeder Trial Packs including current and future genetics, to support the introduction of breeder’s products to targeted growers across the country. These trial packs are customized to match the desired genus, varieties, season, and breeder objectives.  We produce genetic sample packs for grow-out by broker sales forces, media, influencers, and more. To support marketing, we provide finished products for corporate settings, events, media, and imagery.

Please inquire about having Plantpeddler support your trials and research. Contact us at

Product Testing, Research and Development

At Plantpeddler, we pride ourselves on being on the front edge of emerging technologies. This drive to innovate is supported by aligning ourselves with allied trade partners with the same passion to advance the greenhouse industry.

Our team has conducted research and trials on a wide range of products from plant growth enhancements, media, pesticides, biologicals, sanitation, to greenhouse containers, coverings, heating and cooling technologies, and software enhancements and applications. For trade partners looking for advanced commercial greenhouse evaluation, testing, research, and collaboration, Plantpeddler is your partner with the knowledge, commitment, and capability. Please inquire about having Plantpeddler conduct research for you. Contact us at