Danziger Spring Annual Trial Pack 2024

From our longtime partner, Danziger, this kit features their Durabella MultiLiners.

  • After two years of trialing, we proudly introduce these mixes for 2024.
  • Impressive PP Trial Garden performance over past seasons.
  • Proven in PP Finished plant production in baskets and gallons.
  • Feature vigor matched, top performing Danziger premium genetics.
  • Kit includes six of our favorite mixes, including PP Exclusive, Nikki’s Folly.

Trial Pack Includes

This Trial Pack includes 300 MultiLiner 50X rooted cuttings, royalty, tags, and freight. Available weeks 7 and 11 only.

Danziger Durabella MultiLiner Trial Pack* includes the following varieties:

  • 50 – Alexander the Grape
  • 50 – Crazy Love
  • 50 – King of Rock and Roll
  • 50 – Nikki’s Folly (Exclusive)
  • 50 – Ombre Sundown
  • 50 – Watercolors

Quantity 300

Only $495.00

*Trial Pack variety assortment is subject to availability. Introductory offer limited to one order per customer, per season.