Assistant Grower

Updated: April 7, 2023

Chain of Command: Reports to the Production Team, under the Manager: Plants and Growing, under the Facility Manager (Jason Sbiral), in coordination with the Operations Team and Operations Manager (John Gooder). You will interact with the Sales Team, Packing Lead, Liner Production Lead, Assistant Growers, and other teams and leaders. All Teams are under the direction of the Admin Team.

Job Purpose: To assist in all crop production activities, with a focus on efficiently growing the highest quality plants finished on time per the crop schedules and sales requirements and to assist in order fulfillment (pulling) activities.

Job Responsibilities: Responsibilities are driven by the production plan, and daily and weekly order volume, with direct involvement of the Production Team.


The primary responsibility of this position includes all aspects of crop production required to efficiently produce crops which are at peak salability on scheduled finish dates while reducing waste in all processes. This includes:

  • Nurturing crops and observation. Interaction with the Production Team to manage the crops based on the recommendation of the team.
  • Monitoring crops for plant nutrition.
  • Performing timely and accurate irrigation and fertilization application.
  • Becoming proficient in operation booms, robots and other automation as required to fulfill your job as grower.
  • Implementing our IPM program, including monitoring crop pest and disease issues.
  • Applying scheduled or indicated chemical and biological control measures at both facilities.
  • Ensuring efficient use of space, and timely and accurate crop spacing.
  • Manipulating other aspects of culture to ensure quality products are achieved.
  • Maintaining clean facilities and enforcing sanitation protocols for staff.
  • Rotating responsibility as lead “Weekend Grower” with other growers.
  • Other tasks as needed to ensure quality finished crops are produced.
  • Helping with all aspects of accurate bulk master and/or individual order pulling with quality products.
  • Immediately reporting deviations, shortages, quality issues, losses, and related to the Production Manager, Inventory Manager, Sales Team, or other team directly able to impact fulfillment issues and inventory.
  • Using the resources at Plantpeddler, and our network of contacts to aid in fulfilling these duties.


  • As a leader at Plantpeddler, set an example for other employees and work as part of our team.
  • Help establish training, visual aids, and specifications to ensure consistency in results.
  • Monitor crew performance, set standards, and work to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Develop other functional leads to help support your position.
  • Manage your crew efficiently, and focus on continual improvement of performance.
  • Evaluate and/or add input to performance appraisals for employees supervised.
  • Discipline staff as needed under the policy in the personnel handbook.


  • Depending on the level of Production activities, the Assistant Grower may also be involved with order shipping and greenhouse production activities such as planting, setting off planted crops, supporting Liner Production Team, pulling orders, and other tasks as requested. Prioritize duties and tasks following the W.I.N. method, i.e. “What’s Important Now.”
  • Helping maintain the facilities and equipment in the greenhouse, as needed.
  • Helping our team and outside experts implement, troubleshoot and maintain Information technology and automation projects.
  • If needed, transfer product between locations and in case of need, delivery route driving.
  • Additionally, all duties and tasks as assigned by those you report to, and members of the Admin Team.

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Joan (563)547-2361 or

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