Koppe Begonias Trial Pack 2024

Proven leadership in the breeding of Hiemalis is the hallmark of Koppe.

  • With Koppe, we will continue to bring leading-edge Begonia genetics.
  • Halo is an exciting new Barkos-type red, which flowers 2 weeks earlier.
  • Mocca Orange features intense orange flowers over chocolate foliage.
  • Discover the warm colors of Hailey Sunset. Quick crop time and long shelf life.
  • The R’Ilona series upgrades this class. Two top bicolors are featured in the kit.

Trial Pack Includes

This Trial Pack includes 300 DoubleUp 25X rooted cuttings, royalty, tags, and freight. Available weeks 7 and 11 only.

Koppe Hiemalis Begonia Trial Pack* includes the following varieties:

  • 50 – Halo
  • 50 – Hailey Peach
  • 50 – Hailey Sunset
  • 50 – Mocca Orange
  • 50 – R’Ilona Rana
  • 50 – R’Ilona Renate

Quantity 300

Only $360.00

*Trial Pack variety assortment is subject to availability. Introductory offer limited to one order per customer, per season.