Spring Annual Introductions Trial Pack 2024

With 170 new introductions for 2024, we “cherrypicked” a few favorites for this kit.

  • The new Syngenta Adora Begonias have rich flowers over dark foliage.
  • Check out Syngenta’s new Coleus line. Our favorite is included.
  • Beekenkamp’s Bella Fuchsia are day neutral varieties with moderate vigor.
  • Escential Nemesia continue to impress growers. Fun new colors this year.
  • Petunias feature one incredibly unique, another with tons of tiny pink blooms.

Trial Pack Includes

This Trial Pack includes 400 liners in a mixed case of DoubleUp 25X and EcoLiner 50X rooted cuttings, royalty, tags, and freight. Available weeks 7 and 11 only.

Spring Annual Introductions Trial Pack* includes the following varieties:

DoubleUp 25X Liners:

  • 50 - Begonia Adora Satin Rose
  • 50 - Begonia Adora Velvet Red

EcoLiner 50X Liners:

  • 50 - Coleus Talavera Moondust
  • 50 - Fuchsia Bella Solia
  • 50 - Hypoestes Lotty Dotty Red
  • 50 - Nemesia Escential Cherryberry
  • 50 - Petunia Amazonas Plum Cockatoo
  • 50 - Petunia Itsy Pink

Quantity 400

Only $360.00

*Trial Pack variety assortment is subject to availability. Introductory offer limited to one order per customer, per season.