Plantpeddler Staff

Adam Powers

Account Manager: Wholesale, Logistics and Freight

Jason Sbiral

General Manager

Jenna Leuenberger

Tag Program Manager

Joan Leuenberger

CFO, Accounting, Billing and Claims, Information Technology

Joe Wacha

Retail Manager

John Gooder 

COO, Operations, Owner, Supply Chain Manager - Hard

(319) 240-2932

Kimberly Meyer

Account Manager: Wholesale

Laura McGee

Supply Chain Manager - Live

Lisa Friese

Production Manager, PPW

Mike Gooder

CEO, President, Owner, Culture and Technical

(319) 240-6230

Nikki Wolter

Production Manager, PPYP, Culture and Technical

Rachel Gooder

CPO, Vice-President, Owner

(319) 240-6632

Sara Guevremont

Customer Support Lead: Young Plants

Stacy Bryant

Sales Manager: Wholesale, Marketing and Trials

Stephanie Fisher

Office Manager: Young Plants