Route Truck Program

Wholesale orders are delivered on carts via Plantpeddler route trucks. Routes are subject to volume requirements. Delivery days are subject to change due to weather, regional demand, peak season volume or other factors as deemed necessary. Days noted for delivery zones are based only on our routing goals. Freight charges will be applied. Customer order pick-up is also available for specific days of the week. Please call if you have questions.

2023 Delivery Map

Delivery Map & Order Minimums

Inner most dark colored circled region indicates our core delivery zones. This region requires a 3 cart order minimum. Outer light colored circled region requires 4 cart order minimum. This may be altered depending on truck delivery in the area.

Customers outside of the circled region require additional carts to assure delivery.

Zone Delivery Schedule

  • Zone 1 – Thursday
  • Zone 2 – Tuesday
  • Zone 3 – Friday
  • Zone 4 – Wednesday
  • Zone 5 – Friday
  • Zone 6 – Tuesday

All rates and dates are subject to change based on weather, order demand, or other factors deemed necessary.