About Us

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Plantpeddler was founded on June 28, 1980, when Mike and Rachel Gooder purchased the Cresco Greenhouse. Mike and Rachel had recently graduated from Iowa State University with degrees in Horticulture. The original operation, which opened in 1880, consisted of a full-service traditional floral retail store with approximately 10,500 sq. ft. of glass glazed production area growing carnations, mums and other cut flowers and garden plants.

Over the decades, Plantpeddler has continued to invest in the physical plant necessary to excel with the industry’s most complex, high-value horticultural crops. At over 500,000 sqft of capacity, with a focus on young plant production, we perform with consistent premium quality products while fulfilling at the highest levels in the industry. The next steps include robotic applications to further advance efficiency, productivity, and value for our customers.

The Divisions of Plantpeddler

Plantpeddler consists of three primary divisions, and two tertiary divisions. The original Cresco Greenhouse is a full-service retail operation and garden center. Plantpeddler Wholesale, which began operation on September 1, 1984, focuses on premium retail-ready products from Spring through the Holiday season, serving middle and traditional markets. Plantpeddler Young Plants, which began operation on January 1, 2001, represents the industry’s leading breeders as a major propagator of vegetative genetics. The two tertiary divisions are Stone Creek Farms, which is focused on production and introduction of the super-fruit Aronia, and the Research and Trials division.

Quality Rooted Cuttings

Our clean, concise rooted cutting program specializes in Begonias and Geraniums, backed by a full array of Spring Annual and Accent plants. Complementing these products, Plantpeddler is also a leader in rooted Garden Mums and Poinsettias, representing all major breeders and varieties. Beyond rooted cuttings, Plantpeddler offers an incredible Bump-up program for Begonias and Dipladenia-Mandevilla, and advanced plant forms in prefinished and finished options.

Research and Trials

A core foundational value at Plantpeddler is to invest in our customers through research and trials. The Trial Garden tests over 1500 varieties each year, with Variety Day the first Friday in August. The Plantpeddler Poinsettia Trial is the farthest north in the United States, with Variety Day the first Thursday after Thanksgiving. We continually test, trial, and research to advance our products and to support our partner breeders and vendors. These investments are made to ensure the success of our customers and our company today and into the future.

As the “Company Growing for You”, Plantpeddler is focused on delivering the very best products to help you grow better, sell more with higher profits, and is your partner in growth.